Migration Manager for Dell customers to migrate user personas-50 seats promotion

Tranxition Announces No-Cost 50-Seat licenses for Dell Customers


To Ensure Flawless Migrations To Windows 10

The Tranxition Migration Manager Solution is a dynamic and automatic Windows 10 and Office migration tool that is easily integrated into Dell KACE 1000 and Dell KACE 2000 appliances. Offer comes on the heels of recent partnership announcement.  

PORTLAND, Ore. & DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)- -Tranxition, Inc., the leading provider of persona management solutions, today announced that the company is offering a no cost 50-seat evaluation copy of Tranxition Migration Manager as a consequence of the recently-announced integration of the Dell’s KACE 1000 and KACE 2000 appliances. Dell partnered with Tranxition as it offers the strongest functionality, integrates quickly with their existing systems and improves their already high service levels and ease of use.

“Coming on the heels of our recent partnership announcement with Tranxition, we are very excited to jointly offer Dell KACE users the opportunity to test-drive Tranxition Migration Manager,” said Bob Kelly, Director of Product Management for Endpoint Systems.“At Dell, the customer experience is paramount and this offer will enhance that experience. The Tranxition solution delivers immediate value by enabling Dell users and prospects to easily and reliably migrate user profiles to Windows 10."

Read the entire press release on Business Wire here.



Sticking with Windows 7?The forecast calls for pain...

  "For small businesses and consumers without enterprise deployment tools, a clean install of the aging Windows 7 can take a full day. And the problem's getting worse. Here's why."

ZDNet Contributor Ed Bott knows Windows and the pain often associated with OS migrations and the 'work-a-rounds':

"...If I had to point to one feature in Windows 10 that makes it a slam-dunk upgrade over Windows 7, this is it. Updates are cumulative, which means that after a clean install you have to snag only one update (plus a handful of odds and ends, like the latest update for Adobe Flash). Not 216. Or 47. Or even 16...And you can reset a Windows 10 PC--keeping your data files while rebuilding the operating system in place with the latest version, followed by a single update."

Read the rest of this blog post taken from The Ed Bott Report for ZDNet published on March 18, 2016 here.

      50 Seats to kick off for Dell Customers

Flawless PC Migration is Here

Migration Manager enables you to take control of the most problematic area of IT work: Migrations. If you're not using Tranxition Migration Manager for OS migrations in this Windows 10 furor, you're missing out on an opportunity to gain elated customers and dramatically increase your profit margins. The US Department of Defense has committed to upgrading 4 Million seats to Windows 10, and to date there are over 200 million devices running Windows 10 already. It's a virtual frenzy.

Start here by clicking the button below; watch a Video Demonstration or request a Live Demo at your convenience. Grab your slice of the Windows 10 deluge now.

Contact KKC in Australia and New Zealand for your 50 Dell Seats kick off for an enterprise migration.


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