KKC opens office in Adelaide

KKC opens office in Adelaide

For years now, KKC have been loyally servicing SA Customers but from a quiet distance. Now we are pleased to announce a local office has been established and we have permanent representation in South Australia.

This now means we are readily available to South Australians in IT to have regular personal contact and give face to face discussions about BMC Solutions and their ITSM offerings, such as Control-M, Remedy & Remedyforce, FootPrints and Track-It!.

Our skills and services in BMC solutions also make KKC a resource readily available for resellers who may have customers with these solutions but are having difficulty arranging training or getting updated information to their end-users. Basically our doors are open. We feel South Australia has been under-serviced in this area for a long time,

Why is this so we ask?

Well, my answers are still forming but as a resident returning to South Australia, these things have been prohibitive- the weather is not far from awful, it can be hard to connect in if you did not go to school here, public transport is not exceptional and the big guys are well established, such as HP, NEC & Dimension Data, so it can be uncomfortable to continually visit and risk a large waste of resources to bid for business and survive in such a well guarded territory.

Still, there is nothing like home and sometimes the soil, family and friends will call you back, no matter how enticing the tropical islands, so KKC are pleased to be able to provide an office in SA bringing leading edge technology and we are here to plant a new garden of exceptional solutions for Government and Businesses.

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