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Australia & New Zealand

No waiting for resources internationally, contact us with your need and time frame.

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Unified batch management for your mainframe

Single point of control

Automate z/OS enterprise workloads for physical, virtual, and cloud environments.

Exceptional service delivery

Get the earliest possible notification of potential service delays, minimize time and effort of diagnosing and correcting problems, and maximize resource utilization by batch workload.

Automatic validation of job execution data

Detect job setup inaccuracies, prevent delays, and guarantee higher service levels and performance.

Single enterprise solution

Manage batch processes that span multiple scheduling solutions, using existing tools that require no risky migration efforts.

External event management

Detect system events such as database management, online transactions, messages, and commands and provide automated response and availability management.

Efficient, automated job restarts

Eliminate time-consuming manual intervention and potential errors.

Advanced tape management

Increase user productivity and reduce training time through a focal point of control and extensive VTS, ATL, and high capacity removable media management