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Komputer Kraft Consulting's focus is on assisting clients to build their IT capabilities and be ever ready to improve IT Service Management to meet business demands.

 Globally recognised for ease of use, leading edge and affordability, BMC business solutions with our assistance makes Business & IT goals even easier to execute by reducing complexity for IT Service Management and Process Automation, IT Asset Management, Mobile Device Management, Inventory & Desktop Management and Workload Automation.

Our success is based on our proven ability to deliver value to our customers and engage in long term strategic developments.

Komputer Kraft Consulting (KKC) are the APAC's region most experienced provider and consultant of the BMC Solutions:  Track-It!, RemedyforceFootPrints and Asset Core with over 16 years of dedicated training and provision of these solutions.  BMC’s integrated IT service and asset management software platforms enable organisations to efficiently automate a wide variety of IT related tasks and processes using inter-operable solutions from a single, proven vendor. We have expanded our solution offerings to now encompass Riscoveri, GRC Management Software in the cloud.

KKC consulting services  provide implementations of SaaS and in-house solutions, IT Service Desk Project Management and Business Process & Workflow Automation Consultancy. Our partners and customers extend across APAC covering Fiji, Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea and have assisted other customers as far as Bahrain.