BMC Control-M - Batch Scheduling & Workload Automation

Visibility! Visibility! Visibility!

Wouldn't it be great to have visibility ? 

Visibility is one of the great benefits of BMC Control M- Workload Automation.

Often we talk about the IT benefits of getting process flows automated or putting in a Workload Automation system forgetting that many of the workflows supported are IT-driven and are supporting business units on the other side.

Managers are concerned with process and delivery. When things don't get done, they need information and insight into the process, whatever it may be- in order to make decisions or explain events.

  • Batch scripts litter network drives everywhere.
  • CRON and Scheduled tasks hide on servers across data centers around the world.
  • Those scripts are the first step in the automation cycle - but they provide zero visibility into what is happening
  • there is zero visibility into how those scripts impact the rest of the business.

What happens when:

  • the person that runs that batch script on their desktop leaves for vacation for two weeks?
  • How about maternity leave for 6 months?
  • The work stops happening often times without anyone away until weeks or months later when someone notices data missing.

Agility! Agility! Agility!

Agility depends on visibility.

A set of tasks that is only known to one or two people stops agility in it's tracks when those people suddenly aren't available, or something goes wrong.

The only person that can diagnose it is unavailable, leaving entire groups of people scrambling to figure out why a process that has worked for years has suddenly stopped without any warning.          


Control-M is the answer for SAP!

Managing SAP batch workload is frequently a substantial expense that “flies under the radar” and is performed by expensive resources such as BASIS Administrators or business users who should focus on other responsibilities.

Native SAP tools do not provide the capabilities to address the complex relationships within SAP and between SAP and non-SAP workload components. This leads to errors, SLA breaches and compliance challenges resulting in elevated costs.

SAP supplies a single solution for managing business functions on a global level, but, it must be integrated with all the other business applications and systems.

 BMC Control-M for SAP integrates and automates business processes from a single point of control to provide an enterprise-wide dynamic workload management solution for physical, virtual, and cloud environments.

BMC Control-M for SAP ensures automation and integration of business processes within and outside the SAP environment. It integrates existing Control-M-managed systems and independent job scheduling with SAP processing.

Also available for Control-M

Control-M JCL Verify

Ensure syntactically correct, error-free JCL to optimize mainframe batch processing by integrating with BMC Control-M Workload Automation.

Control-M Output Management

Increase customer satisfaction and productivity by providing immediate web-based viewing and automated distribution to reports generated through batch services.

Control-M Advanced File Transfer

Enjoy secure, reliable file transfers with BMC Control-M Advanced File Transfer, an add-on that seamlessly integrates FTP transfers into your workload automation processes.

Control-M Batch Impact Manager

BMC Control-M Batch Impact Manager gives you the visibility and agility to quickly remediate issues before they affect service delivery.

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