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BMC-Track-It! 2018 and the exciting new developments are here!

BMC-Track-It! 2018 is the first release of BMC,is a completely redesigned, browser-based platform. This release is the result of many years of combined experience of product experts from BMC infused with direct feedback from BMC-rack-It! customers along the way. This is certainly not like any BMC-Track-It! version you have used before… and, yet it is. Even with a completely new interface and greatly enhanced feature set, there is still that ease of use you know and love. The BMC-Track-It! 2018 user interface is elegant and welcoming, like reuniting with an old friend. A lot has changed but the intuitiveness and ease of use make navigating the product feel familiar.


We are incredibly excited to bring you this release and all the benefits it includes. This new platform refreshes the BMC-Track-It! visual user experience and includes a great deal more flexibility and functionality than ever before. It also provides a platform which we can build upon more rapidly, allowing us to shift to a more frequent release cycle. That means you are not only getting a brand-new product, you will also be seeing new functionality and feature enhancements on a regular basis. And the best part; this major upgrade is completely free to BMC-Track-It! customers on active maintenance. We are also excited to bring you a Free BMC-Track-It! 2018 Video Training Series to help you get up to speed quickly on the new release.


Now for more of the details. The list below includes some of the major highlights and improvements available in BMC-Track-It! 2018. Track-It! 2018 is being developed in phases so not all the functionality from BMC-Track-It! 11 is available in the new platform yet. Visit the BMC-Track-It! 2018 Documentation for more information on which features are currently available. For more information or for questions about this release, please feel free to email

Help Desk Features

Want to compare the new 2018 version and releases to the previous version?

VERSION 11 Vs 2018 Release  HERE

Upgrading to the new web platform may be something you would like to manage yourself, please go to this page for a description of what is involved.

If you would like to discuss upgrading and support with your current Track-It! solution please contact us directly on 07 3103 2231 or email us below: