I want to see a recommended model

 KKC have a process recommended as the foundation for any ITSM , Service Catalogue or CMDB project


START with YourSMP

 KKC recommends the approach to start with YourSMP because it:

  • Saves Money
  • Saves Time
  • Saves Pain
  • Mitigates Risk
  • Analyses the impact of decisions
  • Produces the best possible model for moving forward
  • Connects all of IT through data reporting
  • Reduces double ups on internal projects
  • Identifies exact products needed based on REAL data
  • Enables IT budgeted spending to be applied as per priority

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YourSMP Services- engage in any further activity to utilise the YourSMP product data for Service Catalogue & CMDB and Service Modelling Workshops.

Now you know exactly what you have and can see what is going on in your operating environment. 



Now you can decide with accurate information the order of priority and most needed Solutions to benefit the business.  See our BMC products by clicking on the relevant icons.




From the Your SMP report, you have now identified exactly what Products and Services are required, and any services that may be needed on existing products to enhance their performance or further assistance turn utilise features that have been purchased with a product.

The business may already have an IT Solution to what you need that has been purchased by another department.

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Impact of Change

Now you have  a map that can clearly show the impact of change and the necessary related products and services requiring input to make smooth changes.  Risk has been mitigated of the analysis from Your SMP.  You are now ready to implement CHANGE in workflow, or solutions, or divert services.


Business Planning

Now armed with knowledge, many decisions can be made from a place of accurate data- one of those may be to cancel projects because the impact is too great, or that the budget is not there to support the necessary changes which have now been identified, or you may want to define a new role in the organisation to manage identified gaps.


Staff Training

Maybe, all that is required is to empower your staff with more knowledge.  Training may be the answer not purchasing more solutions.  Only through having accurate data are you able to understand and see exactly what gaps exist in Service and why- it may not be tools, it may simply be that the resources you have need training in process and workshops to improve efficiency and product knowledge.