ONE-Time IT Asset Audit Service

KKC have developed a unique one-time discovery reporting consultancy service, providing at minimal cost a full audit of IT assets with detailed inventory to enable Managers, Business Analysts and Asset Managers to have immediate access to data without the need to purchase a tool.

Who this suits:


IT Managers

Asset Managers

Software Compliance Managers


ONE-time IT Asset Audit enables the capture of items that may not be currently covered by current discovery tools.

This information will provide data for making decisions about:

  • identify current tools inefficiencies and data gaps
  • test data collection
  • filling immediate compliance requirements for reporting requirements
  • assess and evaluate current processes
  • Report on Asset value
  • Collect data for a CMDB update
  • save $$$ and time for instant reporting requirements
  • use data to make purchasing decisions and cost savings decisions
  • fullfill software compliance
  • limited budget

What you get:

  • An agentless discovery of all devices with an IP address - unlimited
  • An inventory of all software and licenses
  • An updated list of current CI's
  • Details for managing maintenance, renewals and registering of licenses
  • Identify missing or stolen items
  • Identify Software compliancy and assess data to plan costs or implement software metering for savings
  • A full IT Assets & Software report


  • Provide a machine to be the Relay.
  • The relay is given have access on a specified port which we provide.
  • The relay manages the security of information and collection of data, in your own environment
  • Port accesses are provided for the audit
  • A provided EXE is run to install the Relay
  • All IP subnets and IP addresses to be excluded are identified prior to the scan
  • Privileged accounts, passwords are permissed for access to allow audit of Windows/Linux/VMware/Hyper-V devices
  • SNMP read community strings for active network devices provide further connectivity audit from switches and routers

Want it? you can have many times as you need!

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