Benefits of Your SMP - Service Modelling

These are some key issues that affect business which Your SMP has identified solutions for.

Maybe some of these relate to your situation:
  • There exists a limited ability for Operations to provide cross functional data immediately for review or analysis to key stakeholders.
  • Business cases for purchases and projects are not supported effectively because of poorly correlated and invalidated source data with diluted ROI
  • There are unclear or inefficient service delivery and support being delivered in areas of business but cannot identify why
  • Confusion with naming conventions across functions (Software, Hardware, Products and Services)
  • Time is being wasted on maintaining non-critical data with no system in place to categorize or identify real priorities against low impact
  • Low data quality and measuring availability making it impossible to have relevant and quality data to make business decisions
  • Imbalances in workload and suspected over-servicing with nothing to refer to for validation of non-risk if the over-servicing workload is addressed
  • Changes causing major incidents and impact to the business are not effectively mapped beforehand to identify the dependencies
  • People are operating in silos and don’t understand the customer experience or that there are gaps in the service chain
  • There is no focus on the key customer business services and their relationships
  • There is a need for a detailed data report or base-line assessment with imminent expenses attached, making the project prohibitive.


     Why Your SMP

    The solution is rapidly achieved with Your SMP, a typical engagement would be from 2 weeks to 8 weeks depending on the size of the organisation and the time needed to collect all the data for modelling.  

    Once we have the information, here is what results:

    • We import your data into the Your SMP Model which applies business rules and makes the data visible real-time. 
    • We lead you through a series of validation steps and build key relationships increasing the value of the data  
    • We help you account for all your people, validate what they support and highlight areas of inefficiency 
    • We introduce you to a formal service model and resolve naming conventions 
    • We help you identify critical data to make immediate changes 
    • We provide answers to "what is a service" and "what is a product" and explain what is the difference and how the categories provide direction and business impact 
    • We help you relate your Products to the Service Delivery impact on customer experience and data results provide a map of this 
    • We help you identify the real risk of Change 
    • We teach your people the Service Model, breaking down the silos and giving them a line of site into customer experience 
    • We provide you with services and information and identify the 80/20 activities of service, enabling you to drop any inefficiencies as soon as you can. 

      Move from spending 80% of time and resources on problems which in reality are only 20% specific, saving substantial time and money.

       When is Service Modelling most beneficial:


      -Price Reset for IT Spending or just after a budget has been approved

      -Company Mergers

      -Organisational Change

      -Implementing a new ITSM Solution

      -Updating a CMDB

      -Building a Service Catalogue

      -IT Audit

      -Assessing IT Value

      -Review of Business Process and Services

         CLICK HERE to see an example of a report and report information