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BMC Client Management automates client management helping organizations control costs, maintain compliance, and reduce data and financial risks. From device acquisition to disposal, BMC Client Management provides an accurate view of software installations, ensures device adherence to organizational and industry policies, and supports systems and software currency.


Documentation BMC-Client Management Version 12.6 PDF

Documentation BMC-Client Management Web API Integration PDF


Performing remote operations on managed mobile devices

The IT administrators can remotely perform services on the registered iOS mobile devices. Using commands, the following operations can be executed on mobile devices:

  • Update information about the device, security, restrictions, applications, certificates, and profiles (collect inventory)
  • Install or remove configuration profiles (manage profiles)
  • Install or remove managed applications (manage applications)
  • Lock or wipe (factory reset) mobile device (data security)
  • Clear passcode (data security)

The Repeat Frequency option in the commands allows:

  • Collecting inventories at regular intervals. For example, you might want to run a command to collect security inventory every seven days, installed applications inventory every 15 days, and device information inventory every 30 days.
  • Ensure that users have important applications installed all the time. For example, you can create a command to install Outlook and set the Repeat Frequency option to one day. So, even if the user removes Outlook application from the mobile device, the command installs it again the next day.

Commands can be used to ensure that the enterprise data stored on the mobile device is accessed only by the authorized user. If the mobile device is stolen or misplaced, the Wipe or Lock command ensures that important data is not accessible to unauthorized users. If the user forgets the passcode, IT Admin can remotely clear the passcode, allowing rapid access again to the user.


Configuring Mobile Device Management

Before inviting users to enroll their mobile devices, configure the mobile device management module.  Watch the vidoe to see how this works.


 Enrolling mobile devices

This video demonstrates how employees are facilitated to enroll their iOS mobile devices for mobile device management in BMC Client Management.


Managing mobile applications

In BMC Client Management, the IT administrators can create and maintain a repository of mobile applications that they need to install on managed iOS mobile devices and remotely install them on the target mobile devices using mobile commands.


Rolling out on Macs

In BMC Client Management rolling out on MAC PC's requires some prerequisites be in place. Watch the video on a Mac rollout.


Controlling a device through a web browser

See how BMC Client Management allows the taking control of a device remotely via a web browser.