BMC FootPrints for On-Premise ITSM

IT Service Management for enterprise organizations

BMC Footprints provides a comprehensive end-to-end flow for Incident and Problem Management, and is an On-premise Solution.  It's functionality similar to it's sister SaaS product BMC RemedyForce has the ability to view process flows (Alignability Process Model) and is easily configurable with the tool with no specialised skills required.   

The  the workspace architecture makes the overall interface a clean and logical dashboard view.

BMC Footprints has an incorporated view of support staff resources by integrating directly with Outlook Exchange to show support staff availability.

Logging & Categorisation

Stand out features for FootPrints when logging a call is the Incident Type, Category and Symptom, which can bring up key problem determination questions.

The Solution approach works to get a level of granular focus on working through what organisations would  look for in their reports, and then logically working backwards from there.

Tracking and Escalations

As the record progresses through its lifecycle, there is an option to provide Quick Edits (for example for the Service Desk) as opposed to pulling up the entire record.

FootPrints allows for skill-based routing of the record.

Any SLAs likely to breach will send a pop up to the agent’s screen and could be configurable in a variety of ways (pop-up, colour change etc.)


The impact and urgency definitions can be defined in more business-focussed language, and the priority can be solely linked to those values.


On resolution, FootPrints triggers an email with two links to signify if the end user is happy or not that the issue has been resolved.

Records can be auto-closed.

FootPrints offers the option of re-opening previously resolved records or, if organisations prefer, to link a new incident to the previously closed one.

Major Incident/Problems

Major Incidents (and indeed Problems) can be logged from scratch or flagged from a number of incoming records.

The terminology in the tool is easily customisable.

The record is easily identifiable in a list with either a globe for the master ticket, or a globe with a chain link to show it is one of a series of records as part of the major incident.

A broadcast message goes out to everyone using FootPrints to notify them of a major incident.

On the self-service side, an end user can see and subscribe to a major incident.

Incident and Problem Templates

Although none are provided out of the box, FootPrints comes with a Quick Template feature for both incidents and problems, where the record can be pre-populated.     

Adding the integrated Outlook resource view adds to their philosophy of making the Service Desk’s life much easier.

The features to help speed up the process of logging records, and providing initial questions around investigation continue to be a very attractive feature in FootPrints.  

With each successive release, FootPrints is becoming a crisper, more comprehensive tool, supplementing it's functionality with additional elements such as Remote Control, Discovery and Software Deployment modules bringing a suite of true end-to-end Lifecycle Asset Management.

 BMC FootPrints capture points

  • Increase first-call resolutions by quickly associating the incident to a known problem and the appropriate resolution
  • Improve organisational knowledge by providing the status of known issues and knowledge base solutions to ease troubleshooting
  • Track performance against service level agreements with configurable dashboards
  • BMC FootPrints follows ITIL best practices and supports key processes like incident and problem, change, and configuration management.
  • BMC FootPrints is designed for the evolving business with a just-right balance of usability, security and functionality.
  • It’s flexible enough to configure, affordable enough to invest in, and powerful enough to grow with you.
  • The BMC FootPrints family of IT Management products and solutions streamline, automate and improve IT operations.
  • They have been designed to leverage your legacy IT management solutions and enable IT to optimize the management of PC’s, mobile devices, software and IT infrastructure by simplifying and automating the entire ownership experience.
  • BMC solutions uniquely integrate the processes that manage IT, not just the data generated by those processes.
  • BMC FootPrints has been optimized for use over the web but equally satisfies organizations looking for a solid and secure on-premise solution.
  • Certified to ITIL Vs 3.1 with 14 ITIL processes it can be deployed quickly ‘out-of-the-box’ with minimal configuration and for those organizations seeking to facilitate non-IT service desks (such as Facilities Management or HR/Payroll), the easy-to-design workflow environment makes one-to-many service desks a reality from a single instance of BMC FootPrints.
  • BMC FootPrints is one solution in the ‘One Size Does Not Fit All’ ITSM portfolio and has been specifically designed for mid-sized organizations seeking to deliver excellent services internally and externally.


 Modules & Licensing Details:


  • Named
  • Concurrent
  • Named for Suite
  • Concurrent for Suite

unlimited project workspaces, ability to add unlimited users

Separate Modules

  • Service Core Basic User Package - Incident, Problem, Self Service, 
  • Service Core Suite Software Package BUNDLED
  • Change Management
  • CMDB & Service Catalogue
  • Knowledge Management
  • CRM Bridge Connector
  • SQL Dynamic Connector
  • Mobile Device

Packaged Suite per Licensed user

BUNDLED: Incident + Problem + Knowledge Base + CMDB + Service Catalogue + Change

Asset Management

Integrates seamlessly with BMC Client Manager for full end to end lifecycle IT Asset Management

Go to BMC Client Management- Asset Core 


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