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Komputer Kraft Consulting's focus is on assisting clients to build their IT capabilities and be ever ready to improve IT Service Management to meet business demands. 


Globally recognised for ease of use, leading edge and affordability, BMC business solutions with our assistance makes Business & IT goals even easier to execute by reducing complexity for IT Service Management and Process Automation, IT Asset Management, Mobile Device Management, Inventory & Desktop Management and Workload Automation.

Our success is based on our proven ability to deliver value to our customers and engage in long term strategic developments.


Komputer Kraft Consulting (KKC) are the APAC's region most experienced provider and consultant of the BMC Solutions:Track-It!, FootPrints and Asset Core with over 16 years of dedicated training and provision of these solutions.  BMC’s integrated IT service and asset management software platforms enable organisations to efficiently automate a wide variety of IT related tasks and processes using inter-operable solutions from a single, proven vendor. 

KKC consulting services  provide implementations of SaaS and in-house solutions, IT Service Desk Project Management and Business Process & Workflow Automation Consultancy. Our partners and customers extend across APAC covering Fiji, Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea and have assisted other customers as far as Bahrain.

KKC Professional Services

KKC Services

KKC provides solutions that enable organisations to define, measure, and improve IT services to ensure that they meet agreed levels of quality and cost.

We provide a range of consultancy services and management services that enable organisations to:

•    Align ITSM with business objectives
•    Uncover improvement opportunities  through your IT
•    Maximize your return on IT
•    Assist your organization to execute strategy and achieve performance goals
•    Help your organization to achieve operational excellence

KKC offers a variety of service packages to enhance your capability in a particular process or technology.

Packaged Consultancy Services

The fundamental element of our packaged services is aimed at helping you get your services to market significantly faster while ensuring quality and reliability.

We provide the key skill sets you need and add depth to your current project development team without the lengthy and difficult process of budgeting for and sourcing new hires.

•    ITSM Process Design and Implementation
•    ITIL Process Maturity Assessment
•    New Business Process Development and Validation
•    Solution Architecture
•    Solution Implementation, Integration, Upgrade and Reporting
•    Application Support
•    Training and Education

KKC provides a team of consultants and managers who have many years combined experience of delivering successful service management solutions.

BMC FootPrints – ITSM Transformation Services

ITSM Transformation Services is a core skill of the overall ITSM capability within KKC.

The ITSM Transformation Consultant is focus on working with design, implementation, development and maintenance of ITSM processes for our clients to meet their business objectives.​

Our consultants are experienced in developing and delivering processes that work with your business model and ITIL provides the framework for these processes. KKC has been involved in IT Service Management for nearly a decade.

Client Services on Request

KKC provides Services on request option to let customers receive assistance or consulting support on an ad hoc basis.

Service on request is additional service option provided to post implementation needs for improvement and enhancement of your current BMC solution. After the initial implementation or using solution over years your business has enough maturity to request solution enhancements, additional rollouts, integration, etc.

Please call us to discuss your needs and service options.

Application Support

KKC Application Support offers supplementary maintenance and support for applications hosted in your or in the KKC production environment.

Application Support services from KKC cover the entire lifecycle of your nominated application. The KKC Applications Support Team design, implement, deliver patches, troubleshoot and support application enhancements in production. Application Support services can also be delivered and supported by third party application providers chosen by KKC to implement services for your company.

Application Support at glance:

•    Application support for incidents and problems
•    Management of application upgrades & patches
•    Development of application enhancements
•    Application administration

SIMPL3 Methodology

SIMPL3 Solution Delivery Methodology
SIMPL3 is KKC’s proven methodology to deliver excellence and tangible results from all our professional services. It is based on industry standards and KKC’s innovative practices in service delivery transformation. These rigorous tree-phase delivery processes ensure a benchmark to meet or exceed your expectations for both quality and return on investment. Three phases: define, implement, and operate comprise the SIMPL3 Delivery Model.

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Komputer Kraft Consulting

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