BMC Track-It! for Local Councils

Track-It! is a Help-desk Ticketing Solution that can be used by any department that see's value in having service queues and responding and closing off certain tasks.

The Ticketing system will assign a ticket and follow a routing system to send the email ticket to the correct person or department that needs to service that task.

This means that with-in a Council, not only is it used as a standard help desk to manage Desktop Problems,Internet and Email issues, it is used with-in other departments to manage their own issues and tasks.

Other Departments may use Track-It! to raise certain requests to each other which come into their queue as a ticket, such as:


Customer Service:

  • Customer service staff takes a call and sends a ticket request to the Land Rates Department
  • Customer Service Staff sends a complaint ticket to the Library
  • Customer service notes a noise complaint 
  • Customer service records a call about a road issue which sends a ticket to the Maintenance Department


  • A new staff member requires security access
  • A replacement swipe card is required
  • A staff member requests annual leave
  • A staff member has an enquiry about their holidays


  • A payroll officer requires a medical certificate from an employee
  • An employee has a question about their timesheet
  • An employee needs to report over-time
  • An employee has banking details to change with payroll


  • An employee reports a broken toilet
  • Facilities staff requests an announcement be made to block off an area
  • Set-up recurring tickets for common issues- like replace a light globe, change filters, service a machine

Building Approvals:

  • Use Track-It! to send approval requests for garage and drive-away plans
  • Set times for responses due on approvals
  • Automate a contact response to the citizen that has submitted a plan

IT Department:

  • An employee wants to book out a projector for a conference presentation
  • An employee requests help with software issues
  • An employee reports an internet or PC problem
  • An IT Help-desk agent resets a password and notifies the employee

* SEE full details here

By utilising the "location" facility within BMC Track-It!, administrators of the system can set up areas dedicated to any department where employees can manage ticket flows, rather than relying solely on their emails in outlook to respond and keep track, they can use the Track-It! Ticket system to send emails and manage their tasks, from start to finish and still receive service notices in their outlook email.

Track-It! helps automate processes and build a knowledge-base of solutions, ensuring faster and more accurate resolutions to your end-user requests. By moving your manual processes into an automated help desk solution, you will handle calls faster and make data available when you need it.

The user interface is intuitive and modern, enabling users to comprehend available activities quickly. To keep your operation running profitably, you need to align with business objectives, ensuring optimal availability, dependability, security and technology performance.

Rate the Urgency

Track-It! will allow you to automate manual processes, such as email notifications, Service Level Agreement warnings, skills-based routing, audit trails and much more to help ensure consistent, reliable response times and resolutions.

The Track-It! system allows you to put certain escalation rules on ticket emails relating to more critical time frames.  For example, any email ticket coming direct from the CEO may require that the employee has 1 hour to address the email in the queue before it escalates to a red category and alerts another process if the ticket has not been acted on and closed.

Ratings for urgency can underpin a Subject, for example, anything with the Subject:Road Complaint can have a 1 to 24 hour response rule, whatever is desired to be placed.


Track-It! comes with add on modules to further extend the variety of uses for the help-desk, these are found in detail HERE