Business Process Automation - Service Delivery for Councils

BMC FootPrints for Local Councils

BMC Footprints is an ITIL  Business Process Automation Tool that can be used across the entire organisation.

Much like a Help-desk but with highly sophisticated workflows that are easy to set up, BMC FootPrints allows individual departments to define their workflows and permission activities with-in their roles and achieve maximum output through process automation , increasing efficiency such as:

  • managing contracts,
  • receiving contact forms,
  • processing complaints,
  • handling rate enquiries, 
  • customer complaint management
  • Library services
  • website integration with forms
  • suppliers management
  • HR on boarding staff and off boarding staff
  • Payroll managing requests and changes
  • storing knowledge articles for all departments
  • CRM integration
  • Mobile service and support for workers 
  • Mobile Field operators work forms
  • Vehicle Fleet Management
  • OH&S reporting
  • Corporate Governance management
  • Legal team data requests
  • Configuration Database Base Management of Business Operating Assets
  • IT Service Delivery- Incident, Problem, Change, Asset Inventory and IT Asset Management

A basic understanding of how this would look for a common department is this:

Customer Service:

  • Customer service staff takes a call and sends a request to the Land Rates Department.  Land and Rates department automates a request to send out a field officer. Field officer reports job complete.
  • Customer Service Staff sends a food & safety request, the responsible officer is automated a booking time to contact the Food premise. System sets an onsite visit reminder.
  • Customer service registers a noise complaint, it sets off an escalation to SAPOL as it is the fourth complaint in 7 days.
  • Customer service records a call about a road issue for the Maintenance Department which automates a service request to the filed operator in the area to go an inspect. Inspection occurs and a maintenance order is sent through by the field officer to another contractor.

Any Department can utilise BMC FootPrints and any department can create unique workflows with-in and to external organisations to manage approvals, requests, changes, and problems.

BMC FootPrints is the go-to-tool to automate and improve Business operations and communications across the business using embedded best industry practice rules, such as ITIL and Audit rules for Sorbane and Oxley (SOX) and ISO 27001.

KKC have a unique offering for Councils in SA to participate in a shared service and access this system at a price that would normally not be achievable.  Through this joint initiative with a South Australian data Warehouse, Councils can now become digitally efficient and updated, save costs on doing away with unnecessary ad-hoc software solutions and unify the business.

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