Patching Services with KKC

It's OK, there are only so many Patches a person can handle at one time and without the right tools, looking after Patching software may result in some items being overlooked. 

We understand the Patch problem!


KKC provide a suite of Patch Services, from training and light overseeing to a full managed service of all patches and scheduling deployment.The Services are designed to assist an organisation, exactly where it is needed, without the cost, stress and painfully slow process of purchasing a whole new solution.

How does it work?

1.Securing endpoints from threats

Enterprises are increasingly under threat with a growing onslaught of vulnerabilities that come from a variety of sources. Whether the threat is to the operating systems or applications, it’s extremely difficult for organizations to keep on top of these threats and prevent data loss, data corruption, lost productivity, and to avoid the financial impact that these threats present.

Furthermore, with the need to patch a variety of devices, including laptops, desktops, servers, or tablets, staying ahead of patches is increasingly difficult.  The tool allows full management and reporting on applications of patches and what applications are vulnerable.

2.Identifying the challenges

Without an automated solution, it’s virtually impossible to know not only what software is installed, but also if it has been patched to the latest version and if it’s safe or not. In addition, with the cost to IT to fix a particularly virulent threat and the time needed to bring the devices to an acceptable patch level, the task can be daunting and costly.

KKC uses BMC Client Management (BCM) to provide services to enterprises of all sizes the assurance that all their critical client devices are patched and risks are effectively mitigated. Key capabilities include automated patch detection and deployment, alerts and reporting, and scheduling to ensure critical business processes are not negatively impacted.

3.Set It and Forget It

There is always that one piece of software that seems to get patched every few weeks. KKC uses BMC Client Management to set up a job that checks for defined software patches and deploys them automatically and silently on schedule.

4.Global Patch Repository Access to Patches

Leveraging on world-class patch detection libraries, BCM provides users with the latest patches from over 190 Vendors of common and specialised products. With over 190 different products, IT organizations are assured that the patches are being applied to all of their products.

5.Patch Reports across multiple software 

While some software included or free client management products only enable Patches from one or two vendors, BCM patches a vast spectrum of vendor applications and provides clear reports on what has been patched and when.

6.Patch Testing and Validation

With the ability to set up and utilize dynamic groups, KKC work with IT departments to identify which groups urgently need what patches, apply and then test the patches before deploying them to the network and devices.

The Process and Security

KKC arrange Non Disclosure Agreements, Security & Compliance and a checklist of Ports and the types of permissions required to engage with you and conduct a secure audit.

 Phase 1.

      1. All Agreements and contracts for security are signed off
      2. The Checklist is downloaded and on-hand ready 
      3. Customer is set-up on the KKC Secured Server
      4. Customer then installs the Relay within their environment with the Relay having access to all the devices to be audited and patched.
      5. KKC undertake configuration and then run an Asset Discovery
      6. A Client Management agent roll-out is configured and executed
      7. The Patch Audit is automated
      8. A Patch Report is configured and run

Phase 2.

      1. Analysis of the Business Patch Protocol
      2. Configuration of the System according to the protocol
      3. Test the configuration and rules
      4. Set & run
      5. Monthly Configuration Check and Report provided by KKC to customer on performance.


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KKC Patch Management Packages 



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