Planning & Development - LINQ



LINQ's powerful software answers the questions which underpin planning and development for any business.

See the answers to critical questions in any planning and development of a project:

  • What areas are involved in the project?
  • What processes involved can be automated?,
  • How do I re-align my people and resources to cover the activities?
  • How can I eliminate waste and increase efficiency?
  • How can I improve communication among all the areas involved?
  • How can I share the vision and the view with other stakeholders?
  • Who are the contractors?
  • What are the costs quoted?
  • What do the repercussions look like for going over time or over budget?


LINQ is a software tool that allows you to explore innovation, creativity of projects and change, to achieve the vision of a future state.  It does this using information systems, to access and map actions and people involved to ensure the success and to determine a projects viability and costs.

Use LINQ to solve the immediate challenges and share evidence critical to decision making so that all efforts of involved parties are aligned.

Never before has project Planning and Development needs been made so integrated and accessible in one digital optimised tool.

Like to see this supply information mapping in action?

The video below is a great entry into seeing how one would use the tool and what it visually shows. 


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