Tranxition Migration Manager for Windows Desktop Migration

Enterprise-Ready and Simple to Adopt

IT Professional Services firms, MSPs and IT are on the line to assure successful desktop refresh and replacement processes. Gartner Group and other analyst agree that persona migration is a key element in these projects that is done poorly or not at all.  But once new operating systems and software are in place, IT is faced with the challenge of ensuring that each user returns to productive work.

Gartner Group® reports that users often spend up to six hours configuring a new environment after migration. With Migration manager, end-users log on and instantly benefit from the new desktop without the hassle of re-familiarizing themselves or searching for missing files. Automatically preserving and transforming user state data is a vital component that increases IT brand value and profitability. IT migrations can often take 2-6 hours.

Migration Manager has been proven to cut migration time up to five times when compared to ordinary file copy and backups. Migration manager automatically extracts and preserves PC user states including the layout, customizations, app settings, metadata, connections, templates, tools and data files/structures that define how users interact with their PC, and moves settings cross version for operating systems and applications like Microsoft Office. Migration Manager changes the settings in real time to fit the new environment automatically and securely. Perform one, one hundred, or one hundred thousand migrations in minimal time.

The biggest challenges facing a PC help desk today are related to PC change projects. Let Migration Manager slash time, hassle, trouble-tickets, technician time at the desktop and increase user satisfaction and while trimming costs.

Make Windows OS Migrations Easy on Everyone

With Migration Manager, IT managers save over 500% of the expense of the software with a single use.

Preserve user customizations intact including data files/structure, layouts, web favorites, application settings, drive mappings, wallpaper, email signatures and more from Windows XP all the way to Windows 10. Do it with GUI-based, fully-automated.

By reducing the learning curve on end users, IT administrators reduce post-migration support costs and increase end user satisfaction while channel partners earn more and leave their customers happy!

Migration Manager V.10 Features

Now for Windows XP/7/8/10 !

Migration Manager now takes you from Windows XP all the way to Window 10, and all points in between. Up to 10,000 settings transformed for OS and Applications cross-version.

Rational Deployments

Adding Migration Manager to a imaging configuration and deployment process cuts hours,expenses, trouble-tickets and hassle. Use Migration Manager to convert users cross domain during the migration.

Security Ensured

No user passwords required even for non-logged in users. Encrypt user state data in transit and restore on the new system. It’s perfect for sensitive environments.

Storage Policy

Move files automatically or set simple redirection rules to implement new storage policies like network drives.

Agentless Migration

No install and uninstall of Migration Manager on the client. Migrate Anyone/Anytime: Backup and restore user profiles while users are logged on. Or migrate after hours with scripting. Capture and inject non-logged on users. Extensive command-line parameters give you full control.

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