Why KKC chose SOTI

Komputer Kraft Consulting chose a partnership with SOTI as the leading edge vendor for Mobile Device & Device Management.

“On the increase are businesses which are becoming more reliant on mobility. Flexibility, device security and support is required in the field and KKC were not satisfied with Airwatch.
We asked Pushpinder Puri of SOTI, Melbourne, to answer important identifying questions in order to quickly determine the level and capacity of SOTI as a most reliable and suitable MDM vendor for KKC to partner with.”

1. What devices does SOTI cover?
SOTI can manage iOS, Android & Windows devices. We can also manage wearables running these operating systems. SOTI manage Windows Mobile/CE, Windows Classic ( seven, eight), Windows Modern (Windows 10 desktop and Windows 10 Mobile), IOS, Android and Zebra Printers.

2. What are the Deployment Options
a) Yearly Subscription ( On premise as well as hosted in AWS cloud)
b) Perpetual

3. What systems does SOTI integrate with (e.g., Windows Server Active Directory, LDAP, Novell eDirectory), email infrastructure (e.g., Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Exchange), APIs (e.g., SOAP, REST), corporate networks (e.g., Cisco, Juniper, SonicWALL), and content repositories (e.g., Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Office 365)
Integration of Active Directory, Open Directory, Domino, other LDAP and AZURE / Email MS Exchange (Include MS365 through Azure), IMAP account, POP3 Account, NitroDesk TouchDown / Corporate Network: L2TP, PPTP, Cisco AnyConnect, Enterprise Premium, IPSEC Xauth PSK, IPSEC Xauth RSA, IPSEC Hybrid RSA / APIS: REST / Content repositories: SOTI HUB, Content Library through MobiControl other Content library through APPS.

4. Which heterogeneous device platforms and operating systems does SOTI cover?
SOTI Cover Windows Mobile/CE, Windows Classic (Seven, Eight), Windows Modern (Windows 10 desktop and Windows 10 Mobile), IOS, Android and Zebra Printers.

5. Can you enrol users and devices in bulk?
Yes SOTI has built a unique tool to stage devices over the air . Users can get their profiles pushed using their AD credentials , scan a QE code or put in a code.

6. Does SOTI have centralised management & monitoring?
Yes, all operating systems can be managed from a centralised console.

7. Do you have containers and separate corporate use from personal use on devices?
SOTI integrates with Samsung Knox, Android for work, we absolutely do have separations and we partner with EXCITOR and MOCANA for application protection and secure mobile containers.

8. What over-the-air-control does SOTI have? (commands such as remote wipe (full or selective), remote lock, send message, encrypt device, configure WiFi/VPN, sync device, clear passcode, change passcode, and find device.)
All these functions can be done over the air. For Android & Windows we also have a full remote control from the console for trouble shooting & repair, Lockdown in Kiosk mode as well as App Deployment, such as GOOD Billy

9. Does SOTI have device functionality restriction?
Yes. The device can be locked down to prevent user from the home button, camera, Bluetooth , microphone etc

10. Does SOTI MDM tools offer a feature that allows multiple users to share the same device without compromising security?
Yes, this is possible through the LOCKDOWN feature and its levels of reach and configurable options.

11. Does SOTI MDM solution offer an end-user, self-service portal that allows users to perform some basic actions.?
Yes we have a self service portal for basic functions and service access.

12. Compliance Management Policies describe predefined rules to manage the corporate data residing on users' mobile devices, how does SOTI accommodate policies and customised needs?
Yes we can secure data by various methods like encryption, VPN tunnels, device wipe based on geo fencing, Wipe data etc.

13. What security-related features ( like email security, multi-factor authentication, malware detection, firewalls, backing up and restoring devices) does SOTI have?
Single sign on with IOS and KNOX – Webroot antivirus/malware with Android – No Backup of actual devices but any information that has been through the device and stored via company policy, is recorded and it is up to administrators to set what would be backed up of this nature and then if needed, re-deployed.

14. We have looked at Airwatch, how is SOTI different from Airwatch?
We have extensive information and feedback with detailed benefits of SOTI over AirWatch and most recently acquired new customers who have chosen SOTI over that solution. This information is shared in confidence, but some of the most common revolve around email, applications access and SOTI being able to deliver on the technology we promise at point of sale. Another is our level of support and responsiveness.

15. SOTI appears to have a number of speciality areas, what are they in summary?
SOTI fits very well in devices used in field services where devices are used for Enterprise applications and deep MDM features are required, these areas are not well covered by other vendors who provide a light management…our features include Geo Spatial Mapping, Security Policies, Containers, BYOD Management, Corporate Policy Deployment and a massive range of device compatibility.

16. In regards to the Health industry, what is SOTI being used for? SOTI is used by some major healthcare providers for nurses, doctors etc using medical applications, securing patient data ( HIPAA compliance). Our Case study for Silverchain Healthcare is a great example. We have a case study of a Local Council where SOTI solution is used for the home care staff.

17. In the market place , what software is similar?
There are many software solutions that perform basic high level device management. Only SOTI has deep device management features all which come as standard out-of-the-box and do not require any development. SOTI has been developed with absolute mobility, functionality and security at it’s core, recognising that devices are imperative to business operations, as opposed to a solution that is an after thought to manage a mobile device. With strategic software partnerships coming together to create the best mobile device solution available, there is nothing I have seen yet that is a like for like to compare.

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