Workload Automation on the Cloud

BMC Control-M on the Cloud

When it comes to Batch Scheduling and Workload Automation, Companies may be vulnerable where only a select few staff understand the codes or know how the file transfers are managed. If something happens and those people are not available, this is where Control-M on the Cloud is the perfect solution.

KKC have trained and certified BMC Control-M technicians who can configure your requirements and in a very short time, the processes can be managed through BMC Control-M on the Cloud. No need to hesitate. no need to wait and we can train your staff. Learn more

What is BMC- Control-M? 

BMC Control‑M is a digital enterprise management solution that simplifies and automates diverse batch application workloads while reducing failure rates, improving SLAs, and accelerating application deployment. Overview video.

What are the BMC Control-M Cloud Services?

BMC Control-M on the Cloud makes it easy to provision, install and configure BMC Control-M, providing easy access to cloud ecosystems and improved flexibility and scalability. Using interactive deployment or DevOps automation tools, BMC Control-M environments are easily provisioned within minutes leveraging the benefits of cloud database and infrastructure services. Organisations that want to run BMC Control-M on Amazon AWS or Azure can have it configured and provisioned in minutes.

KKC Special offering for BMC Control-M December to end of January 

Until the end of January, 2017 – KKC is able to offer significant discounts on all new licenses and 30% discount on all standard Consultancy rates. If your company has a need to automate and has budget – please contact our office to discuss this offer.