YourSMP Report- List of Items

YourSMP Service Modelling Consultancy generates a report which provides information to be used for planning future IT spending, prioritising key areas, identifying gaps in service flow or resources.

The Report is a DNA of the Business, like no tool or dashboard reporting can cover, the entire business, product offerings, key IT & Busienss staff, dependency relationships....a seamless collection of critical information all in one service, provided in one document.

For updating CI's in a CMDB and generating a service catalogue, the information is portable into ANY tool, with experience already covered in Remedy, Remedyforce, CA

Below is a list of things you would expect to have recorded in a report:


  • Product Name
  • Support Priority Category
  • Infrastructure Identifying Name
  • Sub-Type
  • Environment


  • Product  Name
  • Type
  • Manufacturer
  • Make/Model
  • Status
  • Environment
  • Primary Support
  • Parent Physical Product


  • Product Name
  • Description
  • Type
  • Sub-Type
  • Status
  • Dependency on other products
  • Operating Priority
  • Customer Facing
  • Primary Support Provided
  • Secondary Support Provided
  • Tertiary Support Provided
  • Maintenance Time Allocation
  • Maintenance Frequency
  • Notification DL
  • Parent Services
  • Product Creator/Manufacturer


  • Name
  • DescriptionType
  • Business Critical
  • Primary Support
  • Owner
  • Business Hours
  • Notification DL
  • Vital Business
  • Products


  • Name
  • Type
  • Sub-type
  • Location
  • Group Manager
  • Account Manager
  • Email Distribution List
  • Contact Number
  • Support Hours
  • People