Your SMP: Service Modelling

KKC Service Modelling for building your Service Catalogue

Through our consultancy we capture Business Services, Functions, Technology & Support layers that no discovery tool on the market OR traditional consulting engagement is able to do- in record time, using limited resources and at marginal cost.

The approach uses a uniquely dynamic method of rapidly ‘modelling’ your Organisation into a highly portable ‘Service Catalogue’, enabling you and your team to be at the helm of Business Operations.

  • Establish a Service Catalogue,
  • Utilise your CMDB & Service Management Platform
  • Enable a monitoring dashboard of Business and IT services
  • Produce decision focus reporting that matter
  • Use reports for successful management Planning 

The product as a package delivers:

Service Modelling

  • Discovery of all services and IT Systems
  • Report & Analysis of those relationships and effectivity
  • Data ready for Service Catalogue creation
  • Data ready for importing into a CMDB 


Pricing is scaled per organisations size and calculated as per number of Service groups and IT Management Staff.

Further Consulting focusses on applying identified gaps, overlaps and impacts to improve the Service model of your business.

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